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The young designer-craftsmen team, coordinated by Master Antonio Colonna, supports both small and large companies realizing prototypes and engineering the jewelry production line.

Your ideas and drawings, along with our consulting, immediately become real prototypes optimized on a small, medium or large production scale.

Our goldsmiths-designers, after years of experience in the jewerly sector, are skilled in organic and geometric modeling, with the highest precision for details.

Antonio Colonna
team manager

Master Goldsmith, Antonio Colonna is skilled as a technician specializing  in the arstistic treatment of  "Jewel Sculpture and Design" metals. He received his training at the TAM (Artistic Treatment of Metals) center in Pietrarubbia operated by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Mr. Colonna started his career as a young man in the goldsmith workshops in Puglia.

Later, he continued working his craft in Urbino, Florence, Milan and Valenza Po (Valenza Po is the center of international fine jewellery).

He has worked as a goldsmith, stone setter and engraver for the most prestigious global fashion jewellery brands, namely Bulgari, Damiani, Roberto Coin, Salvini,  Alfieri, St. Johns, and Pomellato. Over the years he has refined his skills in  traditional handcrafted  techniques, in particular in the Florentine style.

Of late, he has specialized in the most modern engineering and 3D prototyping technologies.

Today he works in Altamura (BA) creating jewelry and sculptures. In addition, he is a certified consultant of the Bari Court and the C.C.I.A.A of Bari, n┬║ 1055 specializing in fine jewelry.

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How it works

Digital prototyping: how to visualize an idea and quickly transform it into a real object!

Working together with customers, we evaluate all elements of the project and we discuss the technical and planning choices in relation to the tools, machines and the flow of production.

Defined all the parameters, we proceed in supplying the finished files to 3Dprinting, to create a resin prototype or a metal prototype, ready for the mouldmaking.

What does the customer furnish us with?

What do we furnish  to the customer?

The handmade or digital drawing
in 2D or 3D.


The technical information about
the raw material to use
(for example: gold type, approximate size of the stones
and the total final weight of the object)




A 3D prototype ready for production:
a file ready to be printed in resin or to be melted in metal, and then to be mouldmade.

The work process explained step
by step, optimized for  the current flow
of production and the customer's equipment.

A case study of our work.


An example of our team working method
to create prototypes.

Digital drawing and Spec Tech

From 3D print to final jewel

Some realized digital renders

Some realized Jewels

about / how it WORKS / ContactS


via Annibale di Francia, 66

Altamura (Ba), Italy


tel./fax +39.080.311.8122

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