Italian 3D Modelers and Designers.
Prototyping and 3D production of jewelry.
The digital artisan designs and engineers the prototypes, optimizing the production lines to the maximum.

The young team of digital artisans, coordinated by the Goldsmith Master Antonio Colonna, supports both small and large companies, creating prototypes and engineering the production line of your Brand.

Jewelry Prototyping also offers complete and integrated production services to jewelers.
Prototyping and prototypes, 3D printing in wax, casting, recovery, embedding, polishing, polishing, 3D rendering of the finished jewel (photos, videos, animations).

Your projects, together with our advice, immediately become real prototypes, optimized on a small, medium or large scale.

After years of experience in the field of jewelry production, We propose optimized solutions in both organic and geometric modeling. Each prototype will have a technical data sheet with you, where you can evaluate every detail step by step. You will get a preview of the production times, the processing losses, the number, the carats and the position of the gems, the assembly systems, etc.

Producing better means producing more, guaranteeing product quality and precision to your customers.