Since 2010 I have been an ex parte and plaintiffs’ technical consultant. I am included in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bari; the Tribunal of Bari; the Association of the Italian Appraisal Experts of Rome. 

I redact simple and sworn appraisals for private citizens, law and tributary law firms, business consultants, notaries, companies, banks and public institutions.

An appraisal is a technical report, with legal value, in which the jewel is described in every detail. It lists  the economic value, the authenticity of gems and metals, the purchase price and the state of conservation. The appraisal is accompanied by photos of the jewel, indispensable to establish a clear link between item and technical report.

It can be requested in the case of bequeathal, inheritance, patrimonial divisions, separations, successions, opening of safety deposit boxes, or for insurance policy purposes.